Below are examples of some of my work.


“4 Life Lessons From The Japanese Tea Ceremony” (Sivana East, August 2018)

“Japan’s Cat Islands: Threat or Menace?” (Unseen Japan, October 2018)

“Why Not? How Japan Danced Away Its Samurai Past” (Unseen Japan, November 2018)

“Yabusame: The Art and Ritual of Japanese Horseback Archery” (Unseen Japan, February 2019)

“Dud from Space: Why “Japan’s Star Wars” Almost Failed to Launch” (Unseen Japan, July 2019)

“Tanaka Mitsu and Japan’s Second Wave Feminist Movement” (Unseen Japan, October 2019)

“Battle Royale: From Dystopian Thriller to Cult Classic” (Unseen Japan, June 2020)

“Two Konmaris: How Cleanliness Guru’s Marketed in the West” (Unseen Japan, October 2020)


Dances with Destiny (Genius, Inc., released March 2020)

The Chains of Enchantment (Genius, Inc., released May 2020)

Blood Moon Calling (Genius, Inc., released January 2021)

*Project 4 forthcoming*


“Why Job Hunting Sucks When You Have Anxiety and Depression” (The Mighty, April 2018)

“I’m Terrified Of Turning 25, But Should I Be?” (Thought Catalog, August 2018)

“This 30-Second Scene in “Tales from the Loop” Absolutely Ruined Me” (July 2020)


Finalist in Seventeenth Annual JAT Contest for New and Aspiring Japanese/English Translators *entry link forthcoming*